10 Mistakes While Choosing the WordPress Theme?

1. Don’t Choose a Bloated Theme Don’t choose a bloated theme with lot of un-important features and plugins pre-installed. For example you don’t need a music player, video player or gaming features on the default theme. It will affect your site performance. 2. UnResponsive Theme Responsive themes are adjust their layout and images across different … Read more

Best Blogging Platform of 2021

Top 10 Best Blogging Platform: WordPress market share on the rise over the last 10 years. Image source: W3Techs. 1.WordPress.org – Fully open-source and highly-customizable script with lot of plugins and themes. WordPress power more than 60% of sites on the internet as per Apr,2021 data. Your need a Domain and Hosting services to use … Read more

How To Install WordPress?

How to Easily install WordPress in 5 Easy steps: (Using cPanel) 1. First goto your Hosting account cPanel then find the Softaculous Installer. 2. Find WordPress in the script list. 3. Click Install to begin the installation process. 4. Provide your site information. 5. Complete the installation and setup your website. How to Manually install … Read more

PREMIUM WordPress Theme Providers of 2021

1.Elegant Themes – Elegant Themes is the one of the oldest wordpress theme providers. They have the community around where 649,032 members or Site Owners already joined. They offer free access to their own Drag and Drop page Builder namely Divi Buider. For $89/year you will be able to access their entire themes and plugins … Read more

How To Choose a Theme for Your WordPress Blog?

1.Based on Theme Features – what features did you want with your theme like Layout Controls, more widget spaces, custom colors and etc. Choose the PREMIUM Themes will give you a Advanced Features. List of PREMIUM WordPress Themes Providers. 2.Based on your Needs – Your need is the main thing in selecting the right theme … Read more

How to Choose the Topic for Your Blog

1.Based on Your Knowledge – Choose the topic as per your Knowledge, so it is easy gather the content. 2.Based on Your Interest – Your interested topics will give you a needful of content for your Blog. 3.Based on Your Experience – Experience always give the right and easy ways to any issues and doubts. … Read more

How To Write a Blog Post?

10 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR BLOG POST: Writing a Blog Post is not a easy task. It need some time to understand how to write a Post. Here I would explain, How to write a Post or article. Follow this 10 easy steps to write your Blog post effectively. 1.CHOOSE TOPIC First Choose Topic as … Read more

Blogger vs WordPress- Which is Better?

Blogging: Blogging is the way to express your thoughts to the world by the sequence of post. It can be anything like your Knowledge about the World, Traveling Experience, Cooking Tips and etc. But, you need to choose good Blogging Platform for your Blog. Based on the Bloggers and Readers suggestions Blogger and WordPress are … Read more

How to Get a Free Domain?

There are lot of websites offers Free Domain Registration. But most of these Free domains are just a SubDomains not a original Domains. Subdomains are like a “Blogname.wordpress.com”, Where “wordpress.com” is a domain and  “Blogname.wordpress.com” is a subdomain. But still some sites offers a Free Domain Name Registration with a zero cost, but these Domain … Read more