How to Choose the Topic for Your Blog

1.Based on Your Knowledge – Choose the topic as per your Knowledge, so it is easy gather the content.

2.Based on Your Interest – Your interested topics will give you a needful of content for your Blog.

3.Based on Your Experience – Experience always give the right and easy ways to any issues and doubts. Ex. If you are had more experiences in Microsoft Windows, then start choose the topic Microsoft Windows Helps/Tips/Tricks.

4.Based on Your Education – If you are a student, then your daily classes have a lot of topics and your Books have more than that. So, it is best to choose a topic that is related to your Education.

5.Based on Your Work – It’s the best way to blog, you shall get the lot of concepts. Ex: If you are a software engineer then you will know the solution for the lot of software issues. Write your each post as solution for these software issues.

6.Do some Research – Research online for choosing which is the best topic to blog as per continuous concepts, audience, most wanted and ever green.

7.Within Your Niche – Always choose the topics within your niche.

8.Audience Needs – Choose the Topics as per your or most of the audience needs.

8.Profitable Topics – Select the topic as per profitable will give you a good income. Ex: for profitable topics (Daily Needs or Famous things) Cooking Tips, Microsoft Issues, Android Issues and etc. Ex: for non-profitable topics 1.In-depth science formula explanation, 2.Math formulas and etc.

10.Do case Study – Case study the all the above with its own pros and cons. Do a SWOT analysis(Strength Weak Opportunities Threats)

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