How To Choose a Theme for Your WordPress Blog?

1.Based on Theme Features – what features did you want with your theme like Layout Controls, more widget spaces, custom colors and etc. Choose the PREMIUM Themes will give you a Advanced Features. List of PREMIUM WordPress Themes Providers.

2.Based on your Needs – Your need is the main thing in selecting the right theme for your blog. If you need a full width theme or grid layout or slider on Homepage, then select the theme as per your needs.

3.Responsive – Responsive theme means, it automatically adopt the site width and content with your device resolution. If you are using computer or mobile phone or tablet, it’s not a problem, the site is automatically adopt with your device screen resolution. So, it is easy to use your site on all devices.

Nowadays most of the people uses their mobile phone for search and find their queries or doubts. The mobile traffic is increased to more than 50% on the whole internet traffic. So, if you choose a Responsive theme, your audience will increase soon.

4.Speed– Site speed will purely depends on your theme. Choosing the right theme with light-weighted coding and scripts will give you a speedy site. If you want to check your theme speed then install and apply the theme on your site and check it with the Pingdom Tools.

5.Customization- Choose a theme which having easy customization options like Site Colors, Font properties, Site layout and etc. This customization options makes your site arrangements as easy even if you don’t know the coding html, css and php.

6.Based on your Niche – Choose a theme as per your site niche means, if you are creating the blog for Cooking recipes then select the theme that matches with this niche. If you are creating the blog for News and articles then choose the one of magazines theme, that perfectly fits your needs.

7.Site Layout – If you need a 2-column or full-width or grid or dual sidebar layout then choose the theme as per your site layout. Or if you need to build a page with Drog and Drop page builder plugin, then choose the theme which supports these plugins.

8.SEO friendly – Even good looking theme with the unwanted and bloated coding will decrease your site speed and it heavily affect your site SEO. Responsive themes are also a SEO friendly themes, search engines are mostly likes the responsive themes.

9.Up to date – Select the theme which is providing continuous updates. So, if in these themes any issues are created, then the theme developer will release the update to resolve the issue and also updates provides some extra functions also. On the wordpress themes page you will be able to see the themes last updated date.

10.User Ratings & Reviews – On the wordpress themes page every theme will have a individual ratings and user reviews. Based upon this everyone can select the right theme. At first choose the themes as per the previous 9 steps and check the user ratings and reviews before choosing the theme.

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