10 Mistakes While Choosing the WordPress Theme?

1. Don’t Choose a Bloated Theme

Don’t choose a bloated theme with lot of un-important features and plugins pre-installed. For example you don’t need a music player, video player or gaming features on the default theme. It will affect your site performance.

2. UnResponsive Theme

Responsive themes are adjust their layout and images across different screen sizes and devices. Un-Responsive themes don’t adopt for all devices, it is  only designed for Desktops. Nowadays, there are more than 50% users browses through the mobiles. So, we need to consider the Desktop as well as Mobile and all other size of screen resolution. Google shows mobile friendly websites on top in their mobile search results. So,  choose a responsive theme for your blog.

3. Slow Loading Theme

Don’t choose a Slow Loading Theme. Don’t use image-heavy designs and all kinds of code and script requests that slow your blog down. You can test the theme speed with these tools, Pingdom Tools, Google PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix and some others.

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4. Choosing the wrong Font

Don’t choose a theme with a font that’s hard to read. The first impression to your audience always caused by the site font. So, kindly choose a simple and easy readable font for your Blog. Some themes, allow admins to change the Theme font. There is also an another way to change the font of the Site by editing the CSS.

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5. Choosing the old Theme

Don’t choose the Old Theme, because there is no-guarantee that the theme will 100% works on the updated WordPress. WordPress script will be updated frequently. Every theme need to be updated frequently to adopt the the new WordPress update.

6. Feature-less Theme

Before selecting a theme, it’s important to determine the Features of the theme. If you want to use your site as the online store or membership site, then you need to select the themes which supports these features.

For example, if you are going to start a e-commerce site, then choose the theme which supports WooCommerce plugin.

7. Less-Customizable Options

Less-customizable theme means they don’t offers the Widget customization, More Styling Controls such as more fonts, colors, typography, spacing and background image controls. Kindly see the Below image of ASTRA PRO Theme which offers more styling and customization instead of the normal one.

8. Not a Frequently Updating Theme

Frequently updated themes will always provide a NEW features and resolve the issues on the previous version of the theme. Internet has the lot of Browsers and lot of issues. So, as a good theme it need to be updated frequently to adopt this. Always select the theme which is updated frequently.

9. Only Using FREE Themes

As a beginners or for the personal blog it is ok to use a FREE WordPress themes. But, if you want to use it for business or money making then I always prefer the PREMIUM Themes which will give more control over your Blog and gives more SEO optimization.

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10. Ratings & Reviews

Always check the Theme Ratings and Reviews before install theme. Every theme available on the wordpress official site has the ratings and reviews and also other Premium themes has the ratings and reviews on their theme providers website.

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