10 Mistakes While Choosing the WordPress Theme?

1. Don’t Choose a Bloated Theme Don’t choose a bloated theme with lot of un-important features and plugins pre-installed. For example you don’t need a music player, video player or gaming features on the default theme. It will affect your site performance. 2. UnResponsive Theme Responsive themes are adjust their layout and images across different … Read more

How To Create a Blog on WIX? (with Images)

Wix is Drog and Drop website builder. Wix provides free Hosting and free subdomain(yoursite.wix.com) for your blog. You can also use your own domain(yoursite.com). Template can’t be changed once after the site is created. Free plan shows wix branding and Wix shows ads on your site. Easy to use and beginner friendly builder. Suggested Post: How … Read more

How To Create a Blog on WordPress? (with Images)

WordPress script is the one of the best free Blogging platform since its launch from 2003. WordPress.com is founded by the co-founder of WordPress.org. It is a website like Blogger to allow users to create their Blog with the subdomains wordpress.com. Ex. Readerz.wordpress.com. It is a free domain with free hosting by the WordPress.com. It’s … Read more

How To Register a Domain on Freenom? (with Images)

Freenom is the one of the Free Domain provider which is the registered company in Netherlands. They offers 1 year Free domain Registration of “.tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq” domains. After that 1 year of domain registration, kindly backup your site. After the domain expiry, Kindly wait for 1 week, after that the same domain … Read more

How To Get a Free Hosting?

How to get a Free Hosting?. This is the most famous question rising for these beginners after they got the domain for their blog. There is only one way to get the hosting as the free of cost for lifetime. But it limitens the web customisation. We will discuss about it briefly with pros and … Read more

How To Create A Blog on Blogger? (With Images)

Creating a Blog with Blogger would just need a less than 1 minute. In the next following 5 steps we are going to explain this with the images. 1. Go to Blogger.com and SIGN-IN with your Google account and click “CREATE YOUR BLOG”. 2. After that you will see “Choose a Name for your Blog” … Read more

What is Domain Levels?

Domain Levels are differentiated by the Domain extensions. There are 5 types of Domain Levels are available. 1. TLD (Top Level Domains) 2. ccTLD (Country Code specific Top Level Domains) 3. gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) 4. SLD (Second Level Domains) 5. Third Level Domains 1. TLD – TLD is a domain extension which is … Read more

How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog?

1.Use Popular Domain Extension – Always tick with the top level popular domain extension such as .com, .net, .org, .info or your country-level domain. We always suggest .com, because most of the peoples always goto the .com directly. Overall the internet, .com occupies more than 40% as per the data of DomainNameStat.com. 2.Short and Sweet … Read more