How To Make Money from Your Blog or Website?

There are lot of ways to make money from your Blog/Website. But here, we are discussing only the top 10 best ways which is easy for beginners and also long-term revenue models.

1.Google Adsense – Google AdSense is the CPC and CPM Ad Network. With this program, you do not need to be in direct contact with advertisers, you simply place the banner code of Adsense on your site. After placing the adsense codes, Adsense chooses ads relevant to your content, and when your viewers click on the ads you will get the predefined CPC amount on your Adsense account.

2.Adsense Alternatives – Adsense has the strict rules for the Publishers, So, if your website get rejected on adsense, don’t feel. Here on online, adsense isn’t the only way to place ads on your website. There is lot of adsense alternatives available such Chithika, Propellerads and etc.

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3.Sell Ad-Spaces Directly – You can directly sell ads on your website. For selling ads, you need to create a advertise page, where your advertisers should see your ad and payment details. Ex., Readerz advertise page is If you are using WordPress then using the ad management plugin can make the process easier.

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4.Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Marketing is the way to “Make money while you sleep”. Affiliate marketing is the work of promoting the products or services of another persons, company or marketplace. For promoting their products you will receive a commission when these products are sold.

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5.Sell Your Digital Products – If you are a blogger then you are good at writing. A blogger can easily make a Ebook. You can choose any topic which you have knowledge about it . Sell your ebook on your website. That’s a easy way to make money.

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6.Use as eCommerce Site – You can also use your Blog or Website as a retail eCommerce site just like Amazon or Flipkart. For this you just need find a nearest whole-sellers and need to get the price list. After you getting the price list add the products to your website.  For create a online store here is a lot of free scripts available such WooCommerce, Magneto, Opencart, Freecart and etc. You can also create a eCommerce site on the wordpress platform. For this you need to download the plugin WooCommerce for wordpress.

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7.Sell Services Online – If you have any specified knowledge on the IT field then you can easily offers lot of services on your website just like the Web-designing, WordPress Theme Creation, Logo and Banner Maker, Andriod App Maker and etc. If you not a tech person then also you can make money from your site by using Retail technique. For this you need to buy something low cost from the another website and sell it on your site with a margin just like buy a Dedicated Server Hosting from a Top Hosting services companies and sold it as a Shared Hosting on your users.

8.Write Sponsored Blog Posts – Sponsored posts are just like a post which reviews or explaining the services or products of some company. For this post you can get a money from their company for writing about their services or products. Its not a hard way to get the sponsors, when your blog goes good then the sponsors are contact you. Or else you can contact these sponsors by going to their website and contact through the contact page or email.

9.Get Paid to Write Reviews – Find the Product or Service and write a Good Reviews for that. Just like a Sponsored post you should need to get the Sponsor to write the reviews for their Products or Services. After your reviews goes viral and get the enough views for that product you can again make a continuous deal like Monthly price with the Sponsors.

10.Ask Donations – Add a Donation Box to your blog. If your users find the blog post useful for their study or work then you will have a chance to get the Donation. But there is a very little chance for the donation. Because only 0.5% users are willing to donate.

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