How To Choose a Theme for Your WordPress Blog?

1. Decide as per Blog NICHE

Choose a theme that perfectly fit’s for your blog. For example if you want to choose the theme for your Photography blog then choose the theme with Photography styled theme. Or-else if your blog is about the Online Store then select the theme that directly reflects your store NICHE.

2. Choose a Color that suits your Blog

Choosing the right color will give a good look for your blog. Always don’t choose over-bright or very-dull theme. While selecting the Dark and Light colors, most of the visitors prefers the light color. But, if you are choosing the dark colors, for your visitors it is hard to read your blog posts.

3. Responsive Theme

Responsive themes are adjust their layout and images across different screen sizes and devices. Responsive themes are the Mobile-friendly themes. Because nowadays most of the users are using the mobile for browsing and researching on the internet. Choosing the Responsive theme will give good look on the all devices such as Desktop, Tablet and Mobile phones.

Google search results shows the mobile friendly websites on top in their mobile search results. So, if you want to rank higher on the google search results always choose the Responsive mobile-friendly theme.

4. Fast & Light-weight Theme

Choose a Theme which is light-weight and fast load your blog. Light-weight means the theme which doesn’t have the number of heavier scripts and lot of css files.

5. List of Features you need

The features availed in the Theme is the main reason while choosing the theme. Features are such as Responsive design, Custom colors, Custom background, Multiple layout and much more.

6. SEO Compatibility

Choose the theme which is optimized for SEO. The theme which is not coded properly will affect your site performance on the search engines. This is why, most of the site recommends Premium Themes that is designed with optimized for SEO.

7. Theme Customization

Some themes offers more customization features other-than the normal wordpress theme. The customization features are like More Styling Controls such as more fonts, colors, typography, spacing and background image controls.

8. Test the Theme

Check the theme with WordPress Theme Check plugin to test your theme is working perfectly.

Testing includes check your theme works responsive on the mobile and other screen resolution.

Also test your theme speed with site speed testing tools such as Pindom, Google PageSpeed Insights

9. Check for Browser Compatibility

You theme may work perfectly on your browser, but your readers are not using the same browser. Most of the users use the different browsers. You need to check your theme works without any error on the all other browsers. To check this you need to test your website on the different browsers such as Chrome, Firebox, Brave, Safari and more. Also do the same test on the mobile browsers.

10. Check Ratings & Reviews

Every theme available on the wordpress official site has the ratings and reviews and also other Premium themes has the ratings and reviews on their theme providers website. So, at first you need to check the ratings and users review before install the theme.

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