How To Choose a Domain Name For Your Blog?

1.Use Popular Domain Extension – Always tick with the top level popular domain extension such as .com, .net, .org, .info or your country-level domain. We always suggest .com, because most of the peoples always goto the .com directly. Overall the internet, .com occupies more than 40% as per the data of

2.Short and Sweet – Choose the domain as short and sweet. Lengthy domain name is hard to remember and also makes uncomfortable to say. Shortest names are easy to said, remember and type.

3.Use Keywords in Domain – Use the main keywords in your domain name. Your keyword may be anything related your business or your blog niche or be anything about your site main purpose. Ex:, and etc.

4.Easy to Type and Spell – If your domain name is Easy to Spell then your visitors are easily able to share your site name with their friends. If your domain name is not easy to spell then the human mind is not make it remember and it also decrease your brand-ability.

5.Easy to Remember – Choosing the easy to remember domain names will give you repeated hits from the same viewers. So, you don’t lose a customer even after the long period of time. For example, 1 or 2 years ago I read some of posts from ShoutMeLoud, and till now I have a memory of ShoutMeLoud blog. So, automatically your site get the enough no. of views from your old audience even after the years.

6.No Hyphens – Using Hyphens makes your domain name difficult to type and search. Using hyphened domain name is the sign of you can’t be able to get that domain name without the hyphens. And also there is lot of chance for your viewers may go to mistakenly to the another non-hyphened website.

7.No Numbers – Using numbers in your domain name will make difficult to remember by your audience. So, there is a big chance of losing your audience by these mistake. Always try to avoid numbers in your domain.

8.Brandable Name – Choosing the domain name as your Brand will give you a good Result in your Business. Choose the unique name which reflects your Brand. Using the domain as is always more better than using Even also some companies uses the domain name as a Brand Name such as and are the domain name and it also their Brand/Company Name.

9.Domain Name Generators – Using the Domain Name Generators will always give you the good result when you are stuck in choosing the Domain Names. These Generators will provide you the serious of some related domain with your provided keyword. Just type your keyword and these tools will give you an hundred’s of Domain name suggestions. The Best Domain Name Generators are LeanDomainSearch, NameBoy and DomainHole

10.Research your Domain Name – Do a Trademark and Copyrights research for your domain name. If you choose a trademarked or copyrighted names in your domain name then it will lead to the huge legal issues. To Research your domain name, just search it on the google and social media’s and you will find if there is the business with the same name is working or not. For Trademarks kindly search it on your country’s Government Trademark registration website.

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