Blogger vs WordPress- Which is Better?


Blogging is the way to express your thoughts to the world by the sequence of post. It can be anything like your Knowledge about the World, Traveling Experience, Cooking Tips and etc. But, you need to choose good Blogging Platform for your Blog. Based on the Bloggers and Readers suggestions Blogger and WordPress are the top of it. Hence Discuss about pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress. Blogger vs WordPress- Which is Better and Why?


Blogger is a free Blogging Service offered by the Google. Using Blogger is as easy as signup for Facebook and post or share something. Just signup on Blogger and click CREATE A NEW BLOG then your blog is created.
Within 1 mins you can create your blog on blogger. All is FREE. Blogger gives you a Free Subdomain ““. If you want .com or another top level domain you need to Purchase it from any of the domain registrar and point it it your blog. And of-course HOSTING is also free on Blogger.

Your site doesn’t face any issues regards Site loading , server downtime, server overload or anything because your Site hosted by Google. That’s the no.1 main advantage of the Blogger. Very very easy for Beginners. Thousands of FREE and PREMIUM themes available for BLOGGER on online. Blogger has the Android Mobile app for Publishing articles and posts on the go.

You can publish your articles anytime or anywhere. That’s the no.2 main advantage of the Blogger. There is also lot of Plugins available for Blogger. By using these plugins, you can alter your site as per your needs.

But the Main disadvantage of the Blogger is you don’t have the full control over your Blog. Google can anytime suspend your Blog if your Blog violate Google Terms.


  1. Create a Blog within 1 min
  2. Free Subdomain
    (No domain required)
  3. Free Hosting
    (No hosting required)
  4. Thousands of Themes available
  5. Blogger Mobile App
  6. Publish post on the Go
    (Mobile or System)


  1. Limited control
  2. Google can Suspend your blog

WORDPRESS: is the open source Blogging Platform used by most of the people. Open source means its a full and full free and anyone can edit these files as per your needs. When come to the WordPress there is two of it’s available.

  1. (Real one)
  2. (Limited control)


WordPress powers 70+% of websites on the internet. WordPress is the 100% customizable platform. On WordPress you can customize your website as you like without the limitation. You have the full control over your content and site. Unlike Blogger you own your content an files and there is noway to loss of your site and files without your knowledge.
There is lots of Plugins and Themes available online. You can easily Increase your SEO by these plugins like Yoast SEO. You can run any-type of ad by adding custom HTML on page. You can create by Forum by bbpress or e-commerce site by woocommerce plugin and create any-type of website with the help of plugins.


  1. 100% Customizable
  2. Millions of Themes availble
  3. Lot of Plugins available
  4. Online Community to Help WordPress site
  5. No Rules(You can Publish any content)
  6. Run Third-Party Ads
  7. Create a Online Store to Sell Goods


  1. Need some time to setup your Blog
  2. You need Domain and Hosting

2. WORDPRESS.COM: is founded by the co-founder of It is a website like Blogger to allow users to create their Blog with the subdomain Ex.

It is a free domain with free hosting by the It’s totally free, but they will show ad on your site. It also has limited functions only for FREE members. For FREE plan you are not able upload custom Plugins or themes. Just like Blogger, WordPress owns your files and they can suspend your Blog when you violate their terms. So, it is possible to loss your domain and contents.

No way to upload custom Themes or Premium Themes. Only limited number of themes available for Free Plan users. For Free Plan user not able to use google analytics on their Blog. Your site will display a powered by link. It can be removed by upgrading to the Business plan.


  1. Free SubDomian
  2. Free Hosting
  3. Easy setup
  4. Beginner friendly customization


  1. Limited Function
  2. can Suspend your blog
  3. Not allowed to install Plugins
  4. Noway to upload Premium Themes
  5. No Google Analytics Integration
  6. WordPress runs ads on your site
  7. No way to run other Ads
  8. Footer shows Powered by


While comparing Blogger vs WordPress, is much better than and equally better to So, it’s your turn to choose the correct platform based on your need. If you have any queries or doubts regards this post, kindly leave it on the comments.

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