How To Write a Blog Post?


Writing a Blog Post is not a easy task. It need some time to understand how to write a Post. Here I would explain, How to write a Post or article. Follow this 10 easy steps to write your Blog post effectively.


First Choose Topic as per your site niche or that is searched by most of the Readerz. To Learn it more advance click How to Choose the Topic for Blog Post?. You can also Choose the Topic as per your audience queries or comments. For example provides topic as Blogging, WordPress, SEO and Money Making Online Topics.


Choose the Trending News or Keyword Research Tool to choose your Headlines. Ex: “How To Write a Blog Post?” and “10 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR BLOG POST” is the Headline of this Post. Choosing the Attractive and Useful Headline will result in the Readerz to stay on the Page. Just thing, when you are reading a Newspaper, your don’t read all of the post, you just read the post which have the ATTRACTIVE HEADLINE.

Google Search –  Use Google to find what are the user searched keywords by typing the keyword in Google Search Engine, It will show the users most search keyword and also show the “People Also Ask” Results. –  Free tool to see what are some of the most popular keywords searched by users.

Twitter Trending – In that page you will see a worldwide trending keywords, that is useful to write your Blog Post.

Twitter Search – Simply type your keyword and select the filter “questions” and it will show you the most of the members question related to your search.

Quora – Find the most of members issues and queries and choose the Headline according to the issue.


Choose Subheadings, so you don’t miss a single part. Choosing the subheadings will result easy understanding of your content or it will be useful to Readerz to read their interested part rather reading the full story. For example “10 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR BLOG POST” is a HEADING and this having 10 STEPS are Subheadings.


Before writing any Post, you must do a full research of the same topic. For example, if you want to write a post on “How to Install WordPress” then first search on google “How to Install WordPress” and read almost all of the post that shows on the Google’s first page and prepare yourself.


Write an outline of the Post by writing only Subheadings and save it as a draft. After that write brief explanation of each subheadings. By using this method you don’t forgot a single part and also it is useful in cover full story.


Using images is a great way to explain your post. Imagination is better than reading understanding. So, using images will result in the easy understanding of your post. It will give some relaxation between continuous reading. Using images in your post also increase your site SEO. For more about Use Images to Increase your Post SEO….


Must avoid coping content from the other Blog, It will heavily affect your SEO and also you will face some Copyright issues. Websites like DMCA will shut down your website, once the original author rise the complaint for your copied content. Google also ban your websites from their search result once the DMCA takes the action.

Just read the research the topic, you want to write the post and write in your ownway. There is noway to become a successful Blogger with the coping content. Write your own content, in your own-way.


Be Honest to your Readerz, Don’t writes physically impossible content just like “Earn $1000 within Overnight”. Just talk about the truth only. All Readerz love the Real news only, not the fake one. If you give a fake news to your Readerz it will irritate their and they don’t come again to your Blog. And also Most of the Readerz avoid the lengthy post that is out of the topic. So, always try to write your post within the topic and Don’t go out of the topic.


Write your content with the On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO gives the information about your post to the search engine. So, this will result in increase of organic traffic from search engines. Here, I am talking about the short-term of On-SEO tips for the Blogger, for Full post about On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks… here…

  1. Give a Page Title
  2. Heading(H1) and Content Formatting(p)
  3. Use keyword throughout the content
  4. Permalink(URL) optimization
  5. Image SEO (use alt tags)
  6. Interlink Links
  7. External Links


Just like the last 15 mins in the exam hall. You need to recheck your whole content to find-out did you missed the some part or is there any grammatical mistake. You should check your grammar by using these tools grammar checker. Rewrite the sentences us you feel like it is ok.

Choose the correct format of the Headings and Content. Keep doing revision to your post until you’re happy with the final post.

Now Publish your post. If you have any queries or doubts regards this post, kindly leave it on the comments.

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