How to Start A Blog and Make Money?


A Blog is a webportal where a Content Creators creates contents and Publish it online. When you publish it, it is ready to show upon Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. When anyone if search for that relevant content on internet, then your blog also will showup on the search results.

Blogging is the one of the best Money Making opportunity in the Online world. By doing it correct you can make good amount of money.


What is a niche?. A niche is a topic or category. Niche can be anything just like, COOKING, BLOGGING, WORDPRESS, TRAVELING GUIDE or anything, which specifically point for one topic. Choose a niche which you are interested, or which is more profitable.

First of all, as a blogger starter you need a enormous contents to create your blog. As a same time you don’t create a contents in your blog like one post for COOKING TIPS and another one post for BLOGGING GUIDE. Follow a single or relevant 2 or 3 topics is also increase your BLOG Popularity.

Ex: covers topics about BLOGGING, MONEY MAKING and WORDPRESS.

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A domain is only the name of your website. The domain is the key way to reach your website. Choose your domain name that fits for your niche. Always use a top level domain name like .com, .net or .org. This domain extension has higher SEO level, and it is easy to remember for your users. Choose your domain easy to spell.

The domain price is around $8 to $15 per year. If you don’t want to spend cost for this domains then there is some ways to get the free domain. How to Create a Free Domain?

The free domains are only subdomains.

Ex: Blogger and WordPress free domains are like and My suggestion it only for beginners, and if you want to involve in full time Blogging then go-to purchase your domain.

Try to use your domain name as unique or with your niche keyword.

There is 2 types in Domain name

  1. By Niche (
  2. Unique (

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Hosting is the storage space for your online contents such as images, videos and also your contents needs to be stored online. Always get a good web hosting from a reputed company like BlueHost, Hostinger, HostGator or SitGround and etc. Because your website is fully depends on your hosting. For a beginner blog Shared Hosting is enough. It’s only around $2/month or $15/year.


Blogging Platform which is HEART of your Blog. There is several number of FREE and PAID Blogging platform available on online. You need to choose the one which is better for you.

Top 10 Best Free Blogging Platform

  2. Blogger
  4. Wix
  5. Weebly
  6. Tumblr
  7. Drupal
  8. Joomla
  10. Custom Made

Top 5 Premium Blogging Platform

  1. Godaddy Website Builder
  2. Namecheap Website Builder
  3. Gator
  4. Squarespace
  5. TypePad

Hence we discuss about the Top Blogging Platform. WordPress is the no.1 free blogging platform in the world by highest users. There is more than 70+% of the sites are hosted by WordPress. There is 2 types of wordpress available.

  1. (Original one)
  2. (limited control)

Blogger is also the best blogging platform from Google. It is easy to usable for beginner. If you use a Blogger then you don’t need any Hosting. Your files are hosted by blogger(Google).

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Now you have the domain and Hosting and choose the Blogging Platform. Now it’s the time to start your blog. Most of Hosting sites includes Softaculous Installer, it is easy to install most of the Blogging Platforms with its. First goto your Hosting account cPanel then find the Softaculous Installer, where you see WordPress, Joomla, Squarespace and many more softwares. Just click and Install your required software. After Installing it will provide you the admin panel. Login to your admin panel write and design your blog.

Or if your hosting don’t have the Softaculous Installer, then download your Blogging sotware in zip file and upload it to your Hosting account by FTP or cPanel File Manager. For download WordPress software goto and click Get WordPress. After Download completed, Upload it to your Hosting account. Unzip and Install it.

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First attraction is always best. At first attracts your Readers by choosing the Theme that fits best for your Blog. For WordPress you can get a Millions of Free and Paid Themes from the Internet. For Bloggers you also get the Thousands of Free and Paid themes from the Internet. For Wix and Weebly you also get a countable themes. Wix and Weebly website builders are Drog and Drop website builders. So, it is easy to design your site as you want.

Make your theme rely on the niche of your Blog. Theme also tells your site niche and content. From my suggestion choose a decent light weight theme. There is lot PREMIUM WordPress Themes company availbale like ThemeGrill, ColoLib, AccessPress Themes and etc where you can get a good WordPress themes.

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All is set. Your site is now online. It’s the time to start your Passion. Write what you thing, write what you see, write you experienced. Your already choosed your niche, now select the topic and start writing the Content. Write the article with in-depth of knowledge and publish it. On writing the the post don’t try to attract the visitors, just write your content in your own-way. You will see a result soon.

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SEO is the Main key that plays the appearance of your Blog on the search results. You need Customize as much of SEO to get your blog displayed on the first page of Search Results on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Most of the users don’t go for the Google 2nd page search results.

All visitors are just visit the top 5 or 10 sites that appeared on the search results. So, keeping the good SEO will make your Blog will appear on the first page search results, so that you easily get the Visitors from around the world. All of your website search traffics are depends upon your site SEO only.

Learn How to Write a Content with SEO?

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This is where most of the Blogger doing the mistake. If you have a good quality contents then also you need to promote your Blog on first. If you want to get your Blog noticed online then promote it. Without the promotion you also get the traffic from search results. But you promote it on the online communities, forum or Social media, your blog will easily reach thousands of visitors.

How To Promote Your Blog?

  1. Share on Social Media
  2. Comment on other Blogs
  3. Post your New Blog on Forums
  4. Write Guest Post

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All the Blog Ends Here. Most of the Blogger make Huge Money from their Blog, even no-one on the Physical world straggle to got these Money Easily. The world is all for Money. I know Someone suddenly thing the WORLD is for Kindness or Love. But If you want to show your Kindness(Donation) or Love(Gift), all you need MONEY. You all know the PROVERBS “Money Rules the World”. Ok dear Readerz, we  don’t go to the philosophy.

There is lot of Ways To Make Money from Your Blog?

  1. Ad Network (Adsense,, Chitika)
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Own Advertising Package

Adsense from Google is the No.1 ad Network for Bloggers to Make some Money. Compared to other ad networks Adsense is High Paying and Famous platform for all types of Blogs. If want to learn How To Get the Adsense Approval for Your Blog, then kindly Read our Suggested Post….

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Hi dear Readerz, I think we have covered Most of the Blog starting guide. If you have any queries or doubts, kindly leave it on the comments.

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