On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks

WHAT IS ON-PAGE SEO? In-short, On-page SEO is the SEO for each and individual post. On-page SEO is the useful to your web pages in order to rank higher in search engines. It tells search engines about what’s your content of page. Examples of on-page SEO is using Meta Description, Keywords in your contents and … Read more

How To Write a Blog Post?

10 STEPS TO WRITE YOUR BLOG POST: Writing a Blog Post is not a easy task. It need some time to understand how to write a Post. Here I would explain, How to write a Post or article. Follow this 10 easy steps to write your Blog post effectively. 1.CHOOSE TOPIC First Choose Topic as … Read more

Blogger vs WordPress- Which is Better?

Blogging: Blogging is the way to express your thoughts to the world by the sequence of post. It can be anything like your Knowledge about the World, Traveling Experience, Cooking Tips and etc. But, you need to choose good Blogging Platform for your Blog. Based on the Bloggers and Readers suggestions Blogger and WordPress are … Read more

How to Start A Blog and Make Money?

WHAT IS A BLOG? A Blog is a webportal where a Content Creators creates contents and Publish it online. When you publish it, it is ready to show upon Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and etc. When anyone if search for that relevant content on internet, then your blog also will showup on the … Read more

How to Get a Free Domain?

There are lot of websites offers Free Domain Registration. But most of these Free domains are just a SubDomains not a original Domains. Subdomains are like a “Blogname.wordpress.com”, Where “wordpress.com” is a domain and  “Blogname.wordpress.com” is a subdomain. But still some sites offers a Free Domain Name Registration with a zero cost, but these Domain … Read more

What is Domain and Hosting?

Hi guys, You all know this words when you come around for create a website. If you want a clear definition of this keywords then read our short post. WHAT IS A DOMAIN? A domain is only the name of your website. It may be anything .com or .net or .org and etc. The domain … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online

The Top 10 Best ways to Make Money Online without any investment. There are several home based online jobs are available to make money as a residual income. So, get ready to make money online with Readerz.org. This is mostly suitable for college students, housewives, job seekers and who wants to work in part time. … Read more