What is Domain and Hosting?

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You all know this words when you come around for create a website. If you want a clear definition of this keywords then read our short post.


A domain is only the name of your website. It may be anything .com or .net or .org and etc. The domain is the key way to reach your website. Ex. Google.com, Where google.com is the domain for GOOGLE INC Company and it’s the key-way to reach the GOOGLE SERVICES such as GOOGLE SEARCH, GMAIL, GDRIVE, MAPS and etc.

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Hosting is the storage space for your online contents such as images, videos and also your contents needs to be stored online. The domain is only the name, domain can’t store any datas for your website. For your domain to work, you need a good hosting services like Hostinger, BlueHost.

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WEBSITE=DOMAIN+HOSTING. The domain with the contents called the WEBSITE. A website is must be any of blog, forum, community or any unique pages along with its own content. Example: Readerz.org is a website because it has some contents and posts.

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